covid-19 update:

Your Goal Fitness Covid-19 updates as per the State of New Hampshire recommendations for Personal Training Studios

Personal Training: State of New Hampshire updated 2-3-2021-

YGF adheres to the following recommendations:

1. Personal training sessions that require prolonged physical contact are not allowed.

 2. Personal training sessions can be done with at least 6 feet of separation between trainer and trainee are allowed with appropriate precautions.

3. If one-on-one instruction by facility staff is conducted, the staff member should observe and give instruction from at least 6 feet away and if necessary to come within 6 feet to assist and spot a face covering is to be worn with hand hygiene to follow.

General Cleaning and Disinfection Guidance:

1. Members are required to thoroughly clean and disinfected used equipment (machines, benches, bars, dumbbells, weights, sporting equipment, etc.) after each use.

2. Only clean equipment should be placed back on a storage rack or in a container to be ready for the next use.

3. Facilities must supply cleaning and disinfecting materials and make them readily available in each room with instructions on use.

4. Staff should develop a process and schedule to routinely and frequently clean and disinfect all frequently touched surfaces (e.g., door handles, pens, keyboards, etc.), common areas (e.g., bathrooms, locker rooms), and equipment at a minimum of every 2 hours while the facility is open and in operation.

 5. Cleaning and disinfection should follow CDC guidance for cleaning and disinfection.

6. Follow the cleaning and disinfectant instructions for use for appropriate wet time to ensure proper disinfection. Check that the product is not expired.