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Your doctor told you to exercise and eat better but you don't know where to start

You're not alone and likely facing these challenges

  • Weight Loss-You've tried to correct this several times on your own and have failed repeatedly.

  • Support- Not having support of a like minded community required for making a permanent lifestyle change.

  • Time- Unable to find time for exercise, proper nutrition and short term diets have failed. 

  • Anxiety- You know that being overweight or obese just doesn't go away and the problem may actually become worse along with the problems associated with these conditions. 

  • What if things don't change? The extra weight leads to many diseases that affect men and women, such as; heart disease, diabetes, many cancers, breathing problems, high blood pressure and high cholesterol..

At Your Goal Fitness we understand these challenges and know how to match your personal fitness journey with a plan so you can achieve serious results.

Custom Personal training fitness plans from Your Goal Fitness located in Salem New Hampshire

Custom Fitness Plan

During your consultation we'll capture your fitness goals and design a custom plan based on seven components required for success. 

Easy Personal Training program options from Your Goal Fitness in Salem New Hampshire

Easy to Understand 
Package Options

We have three package choices available; Three Month, Six Month and One year commitments, longer commitments save you money. 

Your fitness goals, work with Your Goal Fitness located in Salem New Hampshire

Your Goal, Your Package, Your service Delivery Choice

Depending on your comfort level with exercise each package has session options along with how you want your sessions delivered; In Studio, Online or In-Home depending on location. 

Personal Training with coaching accountability from Your Goal Fitness located in Salem New Hampshire


Each package includes; Weight loss coaching, Nutrition coaching, exercise coaching, your own individual training portal with chat. We are in constant communication with you throughout your program

You don't have to struggle with fitness anymore we'll guide you every step of the way. 


“He's the best you guys should try this, I have the willpower of a gnat, he gets me to do it."

— Rhonda

You can start your fitness journey today!

We'd love to hear from you

Free Personal training consultation from Your Goal Fitness located in Salem New Hampshire

Schedule A Consultation

Meet with us by submitting the contact form or calling, please let us know the most convenient time to contact you and we'll discuss your fitness goals.

Your Goal Fitness located in Salem New Hampshire works with you to create a personal fitness plan

Create A Plan

Based on your fitness goals we'll design a fitness plan including recommendations. We'll schedule a meeting with you to discuss the plan, make adjustments as needed to accomplish your goals and reach an agreement. 

Your personal fitness journey begins with Your Goal Fitness located in Salem New Hampshire

Your Fitness Journey Begins

You'll be given access to your individual training portal, pick a date and time to begin your journey. We'll walkthrough all the exercises prior to your first day and be just as excited as you to be part of your fitness journey!

Just getting started? Download your free copy of the Weight Loss Kickstart Guide

I understand that the most difficult step is getting started. To assist you with this first step I've created the Weight Loss Kickstart guide.  Regardless if you’re just getting started, continuing or restarting your fitness journey I understand that losing weight is a lifechanging event and can become confusing or overwhelming. This guide will walk you through every suggested step to take.

Your Goal Fitness weight loss guide for personal training programs in Salem NH

It's all about your goals!

We would love to be your Trusted resource and Fitness partner

At Your Goal Fitness we know you are the kind of person who wants to lose weight, be healthy, have plenty of energy, manage stress and able to get a good nights sleep. In order to be that way you need a complete personal training fitness plan which includes:

Nutrition and supplementation-To fuel your body with the energy required and maintain a muscle-building fat-burning state.

Resistance training- to increase your strength and build lean muscle

Cardiovascular exercise- to optimize fat burning and heart health

Stretching- to accelerate your recovery from exercise and prevent injury

Coaching – To motivate, support, and encourage you when required

Teaching you all the components of your program and help you implement them into your daily habits and life.


The problem is that you haven’t been exercising and are out of shape which makes you feel self conscious that you’ve let this happen. We understand and in fact the company was founded based on the owner's fitness journey from obesity. That’s why we have five levels of Personal Training packages to choose from along with multiple session options and your choice of program delivery, Private or Semi-Private in Studio or completely Online.

Here’s how it works, the first step is for us to discuss your fitness goals, what is your vision? Step two is for us to outline and customize a plan based on your goals and vision, The third step is to find the best schedule, program delivery method and your journey begins.

Its never too late to start contact us for your free consultation so you can stop being overweight, start feeling great and be in the best shape of your life.



Three Months

Your Goal Fitness Women's semi-private training


Six Months

Your Goal Fitness Semi-Private group 2-4 people weight loss training


Totally Committed

12 Months

Your Goal Fitness Private women's fitness training

YGF Kickstart Program

30 day program for clients who are unsure if a Personal Trainer is right for them.

Your Goal Fitness offering weight loss programs for all adults

YGF Online Program

Month to Month program for clients who are comfortable with exercise and don't need private training sessions. 

Get healthy and stay healthy with programs from Your Goal Fitness in Salem NH

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